Public Buildings

Despite the fact that construction at the time included mainly residential buildings, there were also office and commercial buildings erected in the International Style, as well as hotels, hospitals, and convalescent homes in Tel Aviv, Haifa, and Jerusalem. On kibbutzim, dining rooms and children's houses were built in that manner. In the private hospital Assuta designed by Joseph Neufeld in Tel Aviv (10 Kordova Street, 1934-1935), the impact of the Bauhaus building itself is manifest.

Neufeld also designed the Kupat Cholim (Israel's Sick Fund) storage building on Belinson Street. The building curves along with the street running parallel to the Dizengoff Square. The entrance facade is characterized by a rhythm of rectangular windows on the lower floors, and thereabove three horizontal strips projecting out of the facade, enhancing the building's curve.

Hadar House designed by Carl Rubin in 1935 was the first office building in the country erected on a steel frame. It manifests a strong Mendelsohnian influence.