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During the 1930s, when the modernist movement in art was at its peak in Europe, the city of Tel Aviv was undergoing rapid development. Most of the architects working in the new city at the time had a European background and brought with them the ideas of the modernist movement. These architects, who were influenced by the work of La Courbousie, Walter Grufius, Eric Mendelson and the Bauhaus school of art and design, built many buildings in the center of Tel Aviv that were adapted to fit the special needs of the time and place. It is very important to preserve and reconstruct these buildings, since they serve as an open museum to the International Style in architecture.

"The International Style (Bauhaus) in its Tel Aviv version is quite faithful to its European origins, though local additions can be noticed as well whose aim was to adapt the style to the Israeli environment and to its climate. Accordingly, windows were sometimes replaced with balconies, the sizes of the openings were reduced, though their frequency was not, and in many cases cornices were added, all in order to increase the shaded areas without decreasing the circulation of air.
It so happens that the city of Tel Aviv became the largest assembly of buildings built in the International Style. The large number of public buildings and residential units built in this style gave Tel Aviv the name "The White City" (quoted from a text by Aya Breuyer).

Inside the Artlog site, dedicated to the art and architecture of Israel, you can find a unique combination of visual and verbal information on the International Style (Bauhaus) in Tel Aviv. In addition to a variety of general details about the International Style, one click can lead you to:
· An article on the Bauhaus building in Tel Aviv (by architect Bracha Kunda), as well as a detailed index of specific topics in the field.
· A detailed list of 45 Tel Aviv buildings in the International Style (prepared by architect Sergio Lerman). With the use of the serial number of these buildings, you can view a photograph of each building (photographs by Zvika Zelikovitch), together with details about its location, the date of its construction, and a short biography of the architect who built that building. Each biography is accompanied by a list of other buildings designed by the same architect, along with photographs (photographs by Zvia Nudel, archive work by Hana Shriebman). You can also view the original blueprint of each one of these buildings (a drawing of a typical floor), signed by the architect, as it appears in the municipal archive of the city of Tel Aviv.
· Information on selected Internet sites on the International Style in other cities and other countries of the world.
· A list of items related to the Bauhaus in Tel Aviv, such as a series of postcards, maps, videos, etc, which can all be purchased through the site.

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