His grandfather bought some land in Tel-Aviv in 1909 and returned to Russia. In 1919 made aliya with the ship "Rosselan". Studied in the gymnasium "Herzlia", was drafted to the Turkish army, defected, went to Egypt and joined the British army. Studied engineering at the University of Harvard in Boston, returned to Israel and worked in the Jerusalem municipality as the City Engineer. Designed the building "bet Hashemesh" in Kikar Magen David. Build his home in 12 Fierberg. First as a one store house and later added four more stores. The land his grandfather had acquired in Tel-Aviv in 1909 stood at 23 Herzl St. In 1922 built a house on that land. Built the candies factory "Elite" and fought to add a store. It cost him 20 because his partners refused to chip in. Established his office in 17 Bialik St. Built his buildings mainly in the area located in Nahmani St. "Lodzia" factory and Derech Petah-Tikva.

Selected Projects: