Yehuda Magidovitch

Born in 1886 in Uman, Ukraine.Studied in Odessa Academy, graduated in 1910 and worked in Odessa till his immigration to Israel in 1919. During 1920-23 served as the chief engineer of the city of Tel-Aviv. Simultaneously did some private projects which where signed by other architects, raising public criticism. Encouraged by the mayor Meir Dizengoff, who encouraged building the city as fast as possible, he authorized the building of many houses without waiting for the final authorization of the designs, and even ignored some illegal constructions. In 1923 left the city and opened his own firm. For about twenty years, Magidovitch was the architect and the constructor who built most of the buildings in Tel-Aviv. In 1934, his son Rafa'el Magidovitch joined him after graduating in engineering in England. They worked together till 1937 when his son left the firm, and he continued to work alone.
Died: 1961.

Selected Projects: