Hayim (Monia) Sokolinsky

Born in 1896 in Ukraine. Study Hebrew since childhood and was a member in Zionist youth movements. During 1912-17 studied engineering in the local Techniqum. Was supposed to make aliya with his wife on on the ship "Russelan" in 1919, but because of illness they did not board the ship and went through a lot of troubles, arrests and illness, until they managed to arrive in Israel in 1923 in some hard way. Arriving in the country, did a number of jobs as a (?), a guard and worker. During 1924-26, worked for "Sollel Bone" and moved from there to the Jewish Agency working as an engineer of construction, water and roads, for 23 years. In 1932 left the Jewish Agency and opened his own firm. Designed and executed home buildings, a movie theater, factories, a school, kinder gardens, etc. During the (?) of 1936 was one of the people establishing "Homa Umigdal". In 1937 returned to the Jewish Agency as the chief engineer and was engaged in projects dealing with water and electricity in the "Homa Umigdal" settlements and the Negev. In 1947 opened again his own firm for designing, executing and consulting in subjects dealing with water, such as urban water supply.
Died: 1961.

Selected Projects: