Pinchas (Philip) Huett

Born in 1888 in Levov, Galizia, Poland. His father was the painter Herman Hutt Studied architecture in the Polytechnium in Chernovitz, Bokovina, and started his own business in Levov. At times he used to go to Weimar, Germany, to study the Bauhouse, because he was attracted to its principles. In 1925 he was invited by the Hebrew University in Jerusalem to visit in Israel. He fell in love with the country, returned to Levov to close his business, and made Aliya. Worked with his classmate Jacob Bratler in Haifa and Tel-Aviv. Later they separated and he opened his own business in Tel-Aviv. Designed the very first exhibit floors of the "Oriental Fair" where the old Central Station is located these days. Many young architects started their career in his firm, before opening their own firm.
Died: 1949.

Selected Projects: