Joseph Neufeld

Born in 1898 in Monastarjiska, Galizia, Poland. Made aliya in 1920. Designed the cemetery for war killed soldiers near Beer-Sheba, for the British. During 1922-26 studied architecture in the Academy of Arts in Vienna, Austria, and later in the school of Architecture in Rome, Italy. During his study he came to Israel for short periods and worked in the firm of Architects Y. Berlin and Pesovsky. In 1925 took part in the competition for designing Allenby St. and won it. His central idea was to open the street to the beach. When graduating in Rome in 1926 he traveled in Europe, went to Berlin and worked for more than three years for Architect Erich Mendelssohn. During 1929-31 lived in Moscow as Architect Bruno Taut's assistant and designed a hotel and a hospital. Returned to Israel in 1932 and opened a new firm with Architect Israel Yeruset. At times he worked with Architects Auto Schiller and Israel Diker. Starting 1935 worked in the firm of Architect Ilia Belisman. Except for homes he also built hospitals, schools, workers' houses, and Urban condos. Built also for the Kibbutzim. Participated in many competitions and won many of them. Was a member in "Hahug". In 1940 emigrated to the US, and among other things taught at Yale. In 1949 got a contract for designing the university hospital "Hadasa", Ein-Karem, and from time to time came to Israel to supervise the construction.

Selected Projects: