Richard Kaufmann

Born in 1887 in Frankfurt, Germany. In 1907 started to study Art in the school of Arts but because of his father's pressure, who wanted him to study for a practical profession, in 1908 he started to study architecture in Amsterdam. In 1909 he moved to the Technical School in Minchn. Graduated in 1912 and worked in Minchen and Assen. In 1914 opened a firm in Frankfurt. In 1919 met Dr. Arthur Ruppin who invited him to Palestine to help him design new Jewish settlements. In 1920 made aliya and started to design the rural settlements in Israely Valley and the surrounding, such as Dgania, Kfar Yzekiel, the famous design of Nahallal in 1921, and others. he Also designed neighborhoods in Jerusalem, such as Talpiyot and Rehavia. In the city of Tel-Aviv Kaufmann was asked to design its northern parts. His design was based on determining the main north-south roads (?) and their intersections with the main streets in the east-south direction, outline which was used in Partick Gades' design in 1925, even though his ideas were not accepted. In 1927 was appointed as a member in the city designing committee of the British government. Parallel to his work in designing cities and regions he also had a private firm in Jerusalem. Built many homes all over the country, participated in competitions and in the "Oriental Fair" in the years of 1932 and 1934.
Died: 1958.

Selected Projects: