Lucian Korngold

Architect Lucian Korngold designed a number of houses in Tel-Aviv but he never signed them. In Tel-Aviv Municipal Archive, there are designs of buildings signed by Architect Abraham Markusfeld, but they are still attributed to Architect Korngold. Architect Korngold was born in 1897 in Warsaw, Poland. In 1922 he graduated in the Polytechnion Warsaw, Poland. He lived in Israel during the years 1933-35. He designed a few houses but never signed the designs. By the end of the 1930s he returned to Warsaw. Then he went to San-Paulo, Brazil, where he started a remarkable career. Died: 1972. Architect Abraham Markusfeld Born in 1904 in Lodz, Poland. Made Aliya in 1935. In 1937 he returned to Poland and built the synagogue in Lodz. Later he was lost in the Holocaust. Selected Projects (in collaboration with Krasonovsky): 1936/ 1 Hagiloboa.

Selected Projects: