Ze'ev Rechter

Born in 19? in Kovlovka, Ukraine. Studied architecture in the Technion of Nikolayev. In 1919 made aliya. Worked in the Kibbutz and the Jewish Agency in Jerusalem. In 1926 went to Rome, Italy, to study Engineering. In 1927 returned to Israel. In 1929 went to Paris, France, to accomplish his study in the National School of Bridges and Roads, graduating in 1930. Returned to Israel in 1932 and opened a firm in Tel-Aviv. Was one of the prime movers of "Hahug". After a fight of two years with Tel-Aviv municipality, Rechter was the first to design and build in Tel-Aviv a home standing on pillars (Engel House on 84 Rothchild Blvd.) In 1957 was awarded Rokah Award for designing a condominium for the IDF employees in Ma'oz Aviv.
Died: 1960.

Selected Projects: