Joseph and Ze'ev Berlin

Joseph Berlin
Born in 1877 in Mugilov, Ukraine. Studied architecture in Odessa, graduating as an excellent student, and in 1911 accomplished his study in the Royal Academy in Petersburg. During this time he won eleven awards in open competitions. In 1921 made Aliya. Untill 1924 was the chief architect of what used to be "Solel Bone", where he met Architect Pessovsky. In 1924 they both quit "Solel Bone" and built together a new firm. In 1925 they established the Union of Engineers and Architects. The first houses built by him are characterized by their Silicate (?) bricks. During 1931-36 worked in collaboration with his son Ze'ev Berlin.
Died: 1952

Ze'ev (Wolf) Berlin
Born in 1906 in Petersburg, Russia. Studied in the Academy of Bauhouse in Brussels, Belgium. After graduating worked in Brussels as an architect. In 1931 returned to Israel and worked as a partner with his father, Joseph Berlin, till 1936. Tried to find his own style, but with a limited success. In 1936 he moved to Haifa. Because of the difficult situation in Israel during the World War, he worked at the Department of Public Projects in Jerusalem about a year and half, starting in 1940.
Died: 1967.

Selected Projects: